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Our Services

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Standard level

Our Standard level of service provides:

  • Management of parental expectations before leaving for the USA
  • US passport application guidance
  • Detailed understanding regarding court documents for single male or same-sex couples
  • Walk-through instructions regarding the entire application process in the USA
  • Oversight of passport application process
  • Follow up after receipt of the passport

Additional services PVA offers are:

Along with your standard service, we offer a range of optional services to help you along the process. Choose one or all of these services depending on your needs:

  • Passport application and documentation completion
  • Passport photograph appointments (at local studio or in home)
  • Translators available to assist in the passport process
  • Web Apps Development
  • In person assistance during the passport application process

Discover PVA. We get it done in no time!

We can obtain US passports for your child or children as quickly and efficiently as possible, usually between 1-3 business days.

We understand you

Language is not a barrier

One of the first questions that might come to your mind when taking your first step into an international surrogacy process is: will I understand what they say? Will they understand what I say? These are legit questions of course. Truth be told though, language isn’t really a problem or something that can obstruct your goal or having your baby back in your country as soon as possible. Translators are available through the whole process.

Passport & Visa Advisors understands the nuances of the US passport petition when the parents are from overseas, where language could be a barrier and the family unit is non-traditional such as a man or two men, married or not. PVA is here to help families return back to their home country with their new born child as quickly and as effortlessly as possible.

Experience at your service

More than 20 years in business

Long term experience

Working with us means you are dealing with professionals who have a proven reputation in the surrogacy process. And with our specialized and long term experience, we will always meet your expectations.

Dedicated customer care

Our qualified Customer Service is standing by to provide the highest level of service. With their support and knowledge, you will always receive focused and personal attention.

Our partners

PVA works directly with we work with the best IVF clinics, law firms and surrogacy agencies and legal practices, to obtain US passports for your child or children as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Expedited service

PVA is your best choice for expedited US passport and visa services for Intended Parents coming to the US. We offer after-hour and weekend client support services as well.